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Oct 2012 – Andrew Wilcox

Andrew Wilcox – October 2012

Hometown: Bathurst, NB

Started training: Started Training Sept. 2011 with Sensei Mark Savoie at the Bathurst A.K.S.

Andrew started training in karate, because he wanted to do something with his life. Andrew is a patient person, and originally looked at full-time karate dojos/schools. He wanted to learn meditation, and wanted to have a lifestyle similar to Buddhist monks. Dedication, patience, virtue, strength, agility, and perseverance are qualities of many who train deep into a martial art. Andrew was attending school and came across taekwondo and karate posters. He had in trained taekwondo as a child, and was interested in karate. He started training, learning new techniques, virtues, and really got accepted as a member of the ranks. This pleased him.

Karate is such an intense sport. It takes much dedication and focus to perform. Many who watch karate don’t notice how much work is really a part of karate. A sense of accomplishment comes with growing in karate, and watching your kata develop. Karateka also stick together, and help each other out like a large famliy, and the positive values are passed from master to student to student. Karate has a technical side to it that makes it possible to control situations, and requires constant focus. Karate’s main goal is not in physically submitting your opponent, but to submit yourself to them in order to win by losing.

Achievements: Obtained an Orange Belt before joining the Mount Allision Shotokan Club.

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