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Nov 2012 – Misaki Natsuya

Misaki Natsuya – November 2012

Name: Misaki Natsuya

Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Started training: Misaki started training in karate this fall at Mt. A.

Misaki has earned a Shodan in Kendo. She studied with Shizuko Onodera sensei for three years at the Ikuta high school Kendo club. Misaki wanted to join karateto keep training in the martial arts while she was at Mount Allison UniversitySheis interested in how Japanese traditional sport affects people in other counties.

All karate’s movements and manners have meaning. It comes from self-defence and Bushido’s spirits.” she said. “Also, martial arts help me to have good posture.

“Misaki, is an amazing student! She has an wonderful drive to learn.  I hope she continues her training when she returns to Japan,” said Sensei Robitza.

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