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Dec 2012 – Harry Griffiths

Harry Griffiths – December 2012

Name: Harry Griffiths

Hometown: Sackville, NB

Harry started his training at the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate Club in the Fall of 2010. He became interested in Karate because two of him best friend were involved in Karate. Harry’s parents found out about the Mount A club when his parents, who both work at Mount Allison, met Sensei Norm & Sempai Jolene Robitza while they were providing security for the World Jr. Championships at the University in the Summer of 2012.

Harry wants to gain a deep understanding of karate and its philosophy on his way to achieving his Black Belt.

“Harry is the youngest member of the club and the highest ranked student,” said Sensei Robitza, “you can see his training and hard work shine through when he tries to help with new students.”

Harry is interested in teaching karate someday but he understands that there is a lot of learn before he can.

Harry participates in many other sports and activities. His karate training helps in terms of discipline, endurance, balance, agility and power. His other sports like badminton and baseball also help in overall conditioning for karate.

Harry recently obtained the rank of 4th Kyu from Shihan Maureen Woon-A-Tai.

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