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Mar 2013 – Celine Perczynski-Northen

Celine Perczynski-Northen – March 2013

Name: Celine Perczynski-Northen

Hometown: Paris, France

She was drawn to karate, because of many things. In the beginning, she just wanted to get back into shape. After attending classes, she began to appreciate the teachings and wisdom of karate. This lead her to research Japenese culture. The family atmosphere at the classes made her want to practice more.

In February, Celine entered the Maritime IKD Provincial Tournament. As a white belt, she would be competing against karate-ka with Yellow and Orange belts.

“I was very nervous,” she said.

She watched as her team mates won gold in Team Kata and this made her think that she could place as well.

She said, “the first time I did my kata, I basically tried to run away. However, the second time I calmed down a bit and cleared out my head. I was just exciting to be part of something bigger.”

Celine’s family were in attendance for the tournament and you could hear them cheering loudly for her. They seemed to enjoy the entire event.

Celine is attending Mount Allison University and hoping to major in Biology.