Cody Landry

Cody James Landry

January 2014

Cody James Landry - January 2014

Name: Cody James Landry

Cody joined the Mount Allison club in 2011 but was forced to take a year away from his training due to work. He returned in the Fall of 2013 and nailed his first grading back skipping a belt.

Cody is originally from Bathurst, NB but moved to Sackville to attend Mount Allison. While at the University, Cody studied Chemistry and Physics.

Cody joined the club to stay active and learn a useful skill. He started training with his girlfriend Kristie Duncan, who received this same award in January 2013.

In November 2013, Cody tested for his Orange belt under Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai. After Cody completed his grading, he was called back up to do more basics.

"When I was called back up I was very confused."

Cody would double pass and receive a Green belt.

" I never thought I would have gotten a double pass."

"Cody is always in good spirits in class and will help out with the beginners if needed," said Sensei Robitza.

Congratulations Cody!


Classes run Sept-Dec & Jan-Apr
Belt Test at the end of each Semester