Jennifer Colleen Abbott

Jennifer Colleen Abbott

February 2014

Jennifer Colleen Abbott - February 2014

Name: Jennifer Colleen Abbott

Jennifer who is originally from Pasadena, NL. now resides in Sackville, NB.

She started her training in 1987, when she was 7 years old. Her father thought it would be a great father-daughter activity.

Jennifer has reached the rank of 1st kyu and has trained with Shihan David Pyke years ago.

Jennifer's loves learning new things and knowing that without self pressure and perseverance she would not become better and stronger.

"It is something that I do for my own person, not from being told I have to," she said, "I also get personal satisfaction from knowing I work hard and see the results myself."

Jennifer hopes to test for her Shodan in the spring.

Recently, she entered the Maritime IKD tournament and won 1st in Brown Belt Adult Women's Individual Kata and Kumite. She also teamed with two members from Moncton to win 2nd in Colored Belt Team Kata.

Congratulations, Jen!



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