Archive 2017

MTA Karate Members promoted

Members of the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate Club were promoted over the weekend.

  • Dale Sherwood – 2nd Kyu (Brown)
  • Laura Beth Gill – 3rd Kyu (Brown)
  • Justina Awe – 5th Kyu (Blue)
  • Merrik Tower – 5th Kyu (Blue)
  • Shawn Levering – 7th Kyu (Orange)
  • Aminah Simmons – 8th Kyu (Yellow)

Sensei Norm & Shihan Pyke promoted

Sensei Norm Robitza was promoted to Godan at the IKD World Honbu Camp in Haliburton, Ontario. He also received his D Level IKD Senior Provincial Instructor’s Qualification.

Shihan David Pyke was also promoted at the IKD World Camp. He now holds the rank of Hachidan (8th Black Belt).

Harry Griffiths earns Nidan

Harry Griffiths earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt from Shihan W. Dexter Shim, 8th Dan and Shihan Frieda Shim, 7th Dan in Moncton, NB. Also earning new belts were:

  • Justina Awe 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
  • Sean Liu 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
  • Wendy Tao 6th Kyu (Green Belt)
  • Laura Gill 4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
  • Dale Sherwood 4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
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