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Mar 2014 – Mizuki Matsuura

Mizuki Matsuura – March 2014

Name: Mizuki Matsuura

Mizuki joined the Mount Allison Club in January 2014 and has been a stellar student from her first class.

Mizuki is from Suita, OSAKA, Japan and is attending University in Sackville, NB at Mount Allison.

When she was young, her big brother used to practiced Aikido. Her parents asked if she would like to also learn Aikido, but at the time she had no interest in it whatsoever. When she was in Grade 12, she ran into unsavory characters in public places and she wished that she had learned Aikido for protection.

Mizuki is a three sport athlete. She played softball and soccer for the Osaka Sabers at her school. The time that she commited to those sports caused her to have to put off any interest in martial arts. When she found out that Mt. A had a Karate club in November 2013, she knew that she would join as soon as new students are accepted.

“Mizuki has been a great student,” said Sensei Norm Robitza, “she comes to class willing to learn and has taken the intiative to self train.”

“I like sparring in general,” she said, “Since my favorite waza (technique) is Jodan Mawashi Geri, my aim for now is to reach higher level (which means brown) so I’m allowed to compete in free sparring and earn some points by using the waza of mawashi geri.”

Mizuki competed in her first Maritime International Karate Daigaku tournament in February. As a white belt, she would be in a division with adults of the rank of while and yellow. Mizuki was very successful and capture 1st Place in both Individual Kata and Kumite.
While at Mount Allison, Mizuki hopes to major in Sociology and minor in Environmental Studies.

Mizuki was honored this month by the Martime IKD as their Student of the Month as well.

Congratulations, Mizuki!

Feb 2014 – Jennifer Colleen Abbott

Jennifer Colleen Abbott – February 2014

Name: Jennifer Colleen Abbott

Jennifer who is originally from Pasadena, NL. now resides in Sackville, NB.

She started her training in 1987, when she was 7 years old. Her father thought it would be a great father-daughter activity.

Jennifer has reached the rank of 1st kyu and has trained with Shihan David Pyke years ago.

Jennifer’s loves learning new things and knowing that without self pressure and perseverance she would not become better and stronger.

“It is something that I do for my own person, not from being told I have to,” she said, “I also get personal satisfaction from knowing I work hard and see the results myself.”

Jennifer hopes to test for her Shodan in the spring.

Recently, she entered the Maritime IKD tournament and won 1st in Brown Belt Adult Women’s Individual Kata and Kumite. She also teamed with two members from Moncton to win 2nd in Colored Belt Team Kata.

Congratulations, Jen!

Jan 2014 – Cody James Landry

Cody James Landry – January 2014

Name: Cody James Landry

Cody joined the Mount Allison club in 2011 but was forced to take a year away from his training due to work. He returned in the Fall of 2013 and nailed his first grading back skipping a belt.

Cody is originally from Bathurst, NB but moved to Sackville to attend Mount Allison. While at the University, Cody studied Chemistry and Physics.

Cody joined the club to stay active and learn a useful skill. He started training with his girlfriend Kristie Duncan, who received this same award in January 2013.

In November 2013, Cody tested for his Orange belt under Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai. After Cody completed his grading, he was called back up to do more basics.

“When I was called back up I was very confused.”

Cody would double pass and receive a Green belt.

” I never thought I would have gotten a double pass.”

“Cody is always in good spirits in class and will help out with the beginners if needed,” said Sensei Robitza.

Congratulations Cody!

Dec 2013 – Paula Arndt

Paula Arndt – December 2013

Name: Paula Arndt

Paula Arndt joined the Mount Allison club after taking a class at the Amherst dojo. Shihan David Pyke told her about the club in Sackville, NB where she lives.

Born in German, Paula was raised in Riverview, NB.

She was drawn to karate by the discipline it brings to one’s mind and body.

Paula attended her first clinic and grading under IKD Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai at the end of Nov. She went into the weekend as a 9th Kyu (white belt) and emerged with the rank of 7th Kyu (orange belt).

She was shocked to received the double pass.

“Almost Unbelievable! In the end, though, it is up to the judges to decide what colour belt I deserve and I am honoured. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. I think landmarks like this are from a combination of excellent instruction and some work on the student’s part.”

Paula hopes that her future endeavours as a karate student will be as rewarding. She hopes to be a good model for future students at the Mt. A dojo and a good representative for the art of Shotokan Karate.

Paula’s ultimate goal in karate is to be worthy of the rank of black belt and strive for Perfection of Character.

Congratulations Paula!

Nov 2013 – Jolene Robitza

Jolene Robitza – November 2013

Name: Jolene Robitza

Jolene Robitza, is Sensei Robitza’s wife. She holds the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt and assists at the MTA dojo by preparing the beginners for their yellow belt test. She is very adept at breaking down the techniques so the beginners can understand.

On June 21, 2012, she finally took her Shodan test and received the rank from Shihan David Pyke.

Over the years, Sempai Jolene has trained with Shihans Frank Woon-A-Tai, Maureen Woon-A-Tai, Josef Woon- A-Tai and David Pyke of the IKD. Previously to the formation of the IKD, she also trained with Master Okazaki, Yaguchi, Koyama and Hiro Okazaki.

In 2013, she served as a scorekeeper at the 2013 IKD Canada Cup.

Sempai Jolene is preparing to test for Nidan in the spring of 2014. Over the last few weeks, she has been putting a great deal of effort into learning new katas and improving her skills. She has gathered a great deal of Sensei Norm Robitza’s kata books and has been reading them.

During the weekend of the Maritime IKD Fall Clinic, she will be taking the IKD Assistant Instructors course.

Oct 2013 – Jonathan Bradet-Legris

Jonathan Bradet-Legris – October 2013

Name: Jonathan Bradet-Legris

Jonathan, who holds the rank of Shodan, has been training in Amherst at the Amherst Shotokan Karate Academy for years. When he started attending Mount Allison this fall, he switch to training at the Mt. A dojo. Immediately, his experience was put to use by Sensei Norm Robitza and Jonathan was made an assistant Instructor.

Jonathan has competed at the Provincial and National level and has won many championships. He along with his brother are very talented young martial artists.

For Jonathan, karate is a family affair as his mother and brother are both practisioners.

In late November, Jonathan will be testing for his Nidan and will take the 1st IKD Dojo Instructors course.

Sep 2013 – Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony

Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony – September 2013

Name: Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony

Hometown: Mysore, India

Eliza always wanted to learn karate. She was draw the to control, focus and fluidity of the art.

“I hope to be able to learn to centre myself, push my limits and be the best I can be at Karate,” she said.

Eliza is a new student and still has her white belt. She has shown dedication to her training and is excited about learning new techniques.

“Eliza is the kind of student all instructors hope to have. She comes to class eager to learn. She tries her belt no matter how difficult the techniques are.”

Eliza is studying Psychology and English Lit. at Mount Allison.

Mar 2013 – Celine Perczynski-Northen

Celine Perczynski-Northen – March 2013

Name: Celine Perczynski-Northen

Hometown: Paris, France

She was drawn to karate, because of many things. In the beginning, she just wanted to get back into shape. After attending classes, she began to appreciate the teachings and wisdom of karate. This lead her to research Japenese culture. The family atmosphere at the classes made her want to practice more.

In February, Celine entered the Maritime IKD Provincial Tournament. As a white belt, she would be competing against karate-ka with Yellow and Orange belts.

“I was very nervous,” she said.

She watched as her team mates won gold in Team Kata and this made her think that she could place as well.

She said, “the first time I did my kata, I basically tried to run away. However, the second time I calmed down a bit and cleared out my head. I was just exciting to be part of something bigger.”

Celine’s family were in attendance for the tournament and you could hear them cheering loudly for her. They seemed to enjoy the entire event.

Celine is attending Mount Allison University and hoping to major in Biology.

Feb 2013 – Melissa Melanson

Melissa Melanson – February 2013

Name: Melissa Melanson

Hometown: SackvilleNew Brunswick

Melissa found out about the Mount Allison club after meeting Cherie Phillips at the Animaritime Convention at Mt. A in 2005. Cherie who was training with the Mt. A club invited Melissa to a karate demonstration at the convention and she was hooked. She started training the following September.

Originally, Karate was an activity to keep her fit and learn to protect herself. She has found that over the years, it has become part of her lifestyle and that she can not do without training.

Several injuries have forced Melissa to take breaks from her training from time to time. In October 2012, she suffered a serious patella (kneecap) dislocation. This was the result of the quadricep muscles being torn away from the kneecap allowing it to be pulled to the lateral (outside) of the leg.

When she was unable to train she felt that her life was off a beat and while she was basically learning to walk again she longed to be in the dojo training. Melissa would drop by and visit the dojo from time to time and assisted at the IKD Fall Clinic at the merchandise table.

In January, the club was pleasantly surprised to see Melissa in a gi ready to train. It has been difficult for her to adjust her techniques to allow for continued healing but Sensei Norm, who also recently suffered a knee injury, has been a big help.

Melissa has been assisting with White belt instruction and has helped prepare Team Kiai (Harry Griffiths, Misaki Natsuya & Andrew Wilcox) for the Maritime IKD Provincial Championship.

Jan 2013 – Kristie Duncan

Kristie Duncan – January 2013

Name: Kristie Duncan

Hometown: Knowlton, Quebec

Kristie joined the Mount Allison Shotokan Karate Club in the fall of 2011. She wanted to learn karate for self-defence. she quickly picked up the basic skills taught to her.

Kristie has achieved her 6th Kyu or Green Belt. (The picture shown is from 2014 when she was a purple belt.)

Kristie will be graduating Mt. A this spring and and leaving the Sackville area. She has already found a dojo in the town where she plans on living after graduating.

Kristie is a dedicated student who lists shuto uke as her favorite technique.

Kristie enjoys gradings with the IKD Masters especially when she realizes that all of her hard work has paid off.

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