Feb 2013 – Melissa Melanson

Feb 2013 – Melissa Melanson

Melissa Melanson – February 2013

Name: Melissa Melanson

Hometown: SackvilleNew Brunswick

Melissa found out about the Mount Allison club after meeting Cherie Phillips at the Animaritime Convention at Mt. A in 2005. Cherie who was training with the Mt. A club invited Melissa to a karate demonstration at the convention and she was hooked. She started training the following September.

Originally, Karate was an activity to keep her fit and learn to protect herself. She has found that over the years, it has become part of her lifestyle and that she can not do without training.

Several injuries have forced Melissa to take breaks from her training from time to time. In October 2012, she suffered a serious patella (kneecap) dislocation. This was the result of the quadricep muscles being torn away from the kneecap allowing it to be pulled to the lateral (outside) of the leg.

When she was unable to train she felt that her life was off a beat and while she was basically learning to walk again she longed to be in the dojo training. Melissa would drop by and visit the dojo from time to time and assisted at the IKD Fall Clinic at the merchandise table.

In January, the club was pleasantly surprised to see Melissa in a gi ready to train. It has been difficult for her to adjust her techniques to allow for continued healing but Sensei Norm, who also recently suffered a knee injury, has been a big help.

Melissa has been assisting with White belt instruction and has helped prepare Team Kiai (Harry Griffiths, Misaki Natsuya & Andrew Wilcox) for the Maritime IKD Provincial Championship.


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