Emily Clark, 1st Dan

MTA Karate Club President

Hi! My name is Emily Clark and I’m currently studying English with minors in French and Psychology at Mount Allison. I’m a first degree black belt and I’ve been doing karate for almost eight years now! I’m from Ottawa, ON and I trained at Douvris Martial Arts, where we do a mix of Shotokan and Shito-ryu karate. We focus on building confidence, strength, and a positive sense of both physical and mental well-being. I love how karate has and continues to help me stay in shape, stay focused, and increase my self-discipline and self-confidence everyday. Here at Mount Allison, it also pushes me to keep an open mind and encourages me learn more about karate from a new perspective. I am constantly pushing myself to “be the best person I can be,” as we say in our student creed back home.

Past Presidents
  • Shawn Levering (2018-2019)
  • Laurabeth Gill (2017-2018)
  • Jonathan Bradet Legris
  • Andrew Wilcox
  • Kristie Duncan
  • Kaleigh Campbell-Wakaluk
  • Helena Van Tol
  • Katie McKeown
  • Sensei Norm Robitza