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normrobitza On May - 6 - 2013

IKD Judge's UniformThe nerves are starting to set in with less than 2 weeks to the 2013 International Karate Daigaku Canada Cup. I will be testing for my 4th Dan that weekend as well as competing in the tournament.

Funny thing is I am not nervous about the Dan exam or competing. I am more worried about my D Level Judges test. There are so many commands (in Japanese) to remember that I feel like banging my head against a wall. I am worried that if I make a mistake in a critical match it will cost someone their tournament experience.

I thought that as a D level judge, I would only be tested on the corner judge position well I found out otherwise at last night’s training session. I was put in the center ring position for only the second time in my life and was told that my test would more than likely be on the referee (center judge) position. OH CRAP!!!! Now I am stressing out. I have done corner judging several times and feel pretty confident in that area. I know a little of the center ring position but not enough to feel confident. I guess I have less than 2 weeks to get it all together.

The center judge position has the responsibility of the entire ring for as long as that particular event is happening. The corner judges are their eyes and ears to assist with the scoring of the tournament action. As a first time “Official” judge, I would feel more at ease working the corner. Well guess I can’t complain. I will do the best that I can.

The weekend will be my first time competing at a National Level Karate event. I am a little nervous about this as well. I have competed at local, Provincial and Maritime (Regional) level events. Early this year I finished first in kata and kumite at the Maritime Tournament but I am not expecting anywhere near that outcome in two weeks.

What everyone thinks I would be nervous about is not really bothering me, yet! I will be testing for my 4th Dan. Obviously, I have tested for black belts before and I have passed and failed. I am more concerned with disappointing people than the test itself. The exam is broken into section. First there is the kihon (techniques) portion. This is comprised of a series of techniques performed in rapid succession. The second portion is katas. I will have to perform a high level kata of my choosing then have a kata chosen by the examiner. I know what group it will come from but do not know exactly which one it will be so I have to be prepared for one of three different forms. Then there is the bunkai (application of kata) portion. I will be performing the application for Heian Yondan. Finally, I have the choice of either sparring with 2 opponents for two minutes or defend against knife attacks. I think I will do the knife attacks. I am getting older and am not sure if I will have much in the tank to spar against 2 people. All of this is not bothering me though. It is just your routine stuff. I need to show that I can do it at a 4th Degree Black Belt level which I hope I can.

The Canada Cup weekend is going to be great. I am going to get to meet people that I have been communicating with on IKD matters for a while but never met face to face. I am so excited.

I hope to see you all there. If you are not part of the IKD and would like to stop by and check out all of the action, visit the tournament website for the details.

2013 IKD Canada Cup



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