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normrobitza On September - 3 - 2013

logoIf you are associated with a Shotokan style, then you have seen the Shotokan Tiger. This image has been incorporated in to many different organization logos to show that they are a shotokan style.

First let’s start with the name of the style, Shotokan. Master Funakoshi wrote poetry and signed his work with his pen name, “Shoto”. Shoto literally means “pine waves”. Where did this name come from?

When Master Funakoshi was young, he would enjoy walking alone through the pine trees which surrounded his home of Shuri. The Father of Modern Karate would spend his days teaching elementary school then would spend his nights practicing karate. When he had free time, he would stroll up Mt. Torao and meditate under the stars amidst the pines. He would later write down his thoughts. Mt. Torao is a very narrow, heavily wooded mountain. When viewed from a distance, it resembles a tiger’s tail and the name Torao literally means “tiger’s tail”.

Master Funakoshi would, much later in his life, explain that the cool breeze that blew through the pines on Mt. Torao made a whisper like waves breaking on the shore. Mt. Torao’s forest inspired Master Funakoshi so much that it inspired his pen name. When his students built his first official dojo, they used the pen name to honor him. The dojo was named the Shotokan literally, Pine Wave’s School.

The tiger which is commonly used as the symbol for Shotokan karate is a traditional Chinese design which implies that “the tiger never sleeps”. Symbolized in the Shotokan tiger, therefore is the keen alertness of the wakeful tiger and the serenity of the peaceful mind which Master Funakoshi experienced while listening to the pine waves on Tiger’s Tail Mountain.

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