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normrobitza On October - 12 - 2013

4056189c721482501The World has not changed that much over the millenniums. We still have major conflicts, wars, violence against other, etc. It is covered daily in all forms of media. The World is a violent place we hardly see the love and peace of the World shown.

Karate is about love and peace. Those that think that karate is about violence are misunderstanding the point of their training.

Today’s modern warriors are envisioned as being only police, soldiers, etc. The World does not see us as warriors but what we practice is the “Art of War”. Martial means warlike. Many police and soldier training in martial arts to supplement the skills they are give in their field. In days gone by, the Samurai would practice so hard that their art form became their life. The would be prepared to lay down their lives in battle for their lord and they were at peace with that. When Japan was at peace and there was no need for Samurai on the battle field, they dove deep into their training.  The training that was about war became an art form instead of battle tactics.

Now here is where the twist happens. We also practice the art of inner peace. We mediate each class. Many see this as a silly practice, we kneel and close our eyes for a few moments then open them and bow. So many use this few moments to do nothing. This is a time to focus your heart and mind. It is a time to find your inner peace and your inner strength.

For the past decade, I have worked in a field that has forced me into being aggressive when the moment arises. I can say with all my heart that I loved the job. I worked for a security company that provided services for some of the biggest bands on the planet. There was one problem, it has destroyed my inner peace. A element that is so important in my training. I believe over years it has destroyed my relationships with my friends and family. Working in a field that can make you into an angry person is not what we should strive for.

Your inner peace must be what you strive for in your training. This will help you understand the love and peace that is part of karate. We are not out for violence. We are out to change the World by making it safe for us to walk down the street. We strive to learn how to defend our loved one but is our ultimate goal to use the techniques that we are taught? The answer is no!

Gichin Funakoshi, the Father of Modern Karate, prided himself on never using karate. He never fought, he always avoided fights. Funakoshi would take a different path if he knew there was potential danger on the trail he was taking. In today’s society, doing that is looked at as giving up but to those that are truly enlightened what other people think of you will not matter.  Your life is for you to live not for others to ridicule.

Next time you train focus on the peacefulness of being in the dojo. Feel the solitude of practice kata. Your inner peace will come into alignment and the World will become a more peaceful and loving place for you.

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  1. Kelli says:

    RE: – This is true. For those of you starting to look, seeing the sparkle in the turd can be rewarding, as the instant gritifacation crowd will steer clear. You need to be careful, though. Good neighborhood + fixable ugly + solid bones can be a good find. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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