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normrobitza On June - 26 - 2015

MV5BMTQ2MTc5MTA2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTMwOTI0MzE@._V1_SX214_AL_We as martial artists take ourselves very serious. Not very often do we sit and laugh at the what we do.

Enter the Dojo will change that for you.

Enter the Dojo is a comedy web-series about the world of the American karate school. This mockumentary follows Master Ken (played by series creator Matt Page) and his rag tag group of students studying the art of Ameri-D0-Te.

Matt Page created this series after many years of training at different dojos around the United States. He said that many of the scenes are inspired by actual events that have taken place in his training. He also said that Master Ken is based on one of his former instructors.

Master Ken has become an icon in the Martial Arts World. He has been awarded a USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame award. He has travelled the World “teaching” Ameri-Do-Te. In reality, Matt Page’s series has become such a hit within the Martial Arts World that he has been invited to travel the World and perform as Master Ken for large gatherings of Martial Arts students.

This series of videos is hilarious. I stumbled upon a few of the videos several months ago but did not realized that it was a web series. After discovering that there were several episodes and over 100 videos in total, I have become hooked. If you want to haveĀ a great laugh check out these awesome videos.

Enter the Dojo website

Enter the Dojo YouTube Channel

Here is a sample video from the series:

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