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normrobitza On July - 9 - 2015

karate-kid-beachSome people take the summer off from their training. This is a common thing since many people travel during the summer months. This is great for the soul, giving you the chance to recharge your batteriesĀ but it is not good for your karate training.

Gichin Funakoshi wrote “Karate wa yu no gotoshi taezu netsu o ataezareba moto no mizu ni kaeru” which means Karate is just like hot water; if you do not give it continuous heat, it will become cold.

This precept means that if you don’t constantly train then your techniques will become weak.

So what should you do in the time you are taking away from training for the summer?

Many of the famous Japanese Masters have a series of techniques that they practice each day. Master Okazaki has a combination that he does every day. The combination takes a few minutes to complete. I remember being taught the combination many years ago but unfortunately do not recall the sequence completely. Each combination have different levels of difficulty. In the sequences, he covers many stances, striking and blocking techniques. Each combination forces you to step back and forward and move on different angles. I believe that he goes over some of the combinations on his DVD series. You have to pay close attention because it is not an instructional portion of the video.

There is one thing that we all can do during the summer or while on the road for work or play. One of the essential parts of karate is kata. You can do kata anywhere and they only take a minute to do. If you are in a hotel, most have gyms. At a campground, beach, etc. you have a huge place to train. Don’t worry about people watching you. They might ask you some questions which is a great way to help promote your art. If you don’t have room to do kata, try running through them by only moving one leg. This may sound difficult but it is not that bad. The easiest is Heian Shodan. Start by not moving the right leg. You can pivot on it but not step with the right leg. So when you are supposed to step forward with the right, step back with the left instead.

Sometimes it is not possible to train at all. Maybe you are so busy that you can not take 5 minutes to run through a kata or maybe you are hurt and are not able too. There is always training for your mind. Think about a kata or technique. Try to think of ways to improve your execution of the move or kata. Then take action and try your thoughts out. If you are doing this it is a good idea to have a paper and pen or something to record your thoughts.

Another great way to avoid not training while on vacation is to take your gi with you and find a dojo to train. It doesn’t even have to be the same organization. Most will welcome you with open arms to train with them. Just don’t go in preaching that your organization is the best or get into an argument about how you do things differently than the karateka at the club you are visiting.

Another way to keep up with your training if you are on the roadĀ is to do research. Before you go on your vacation or road trip, grab a karate book. There are many great ones you can purchase fairly cheaply at your local book store or order from Amazon. Don’t forget about ebooks or audio books. I have a huge library of books and if you have any questions about what to read send me a message. I have included a link to my Martial Arts library.

No matter what you are doing this summer, don’t let your karate grow cold. Find a way to take your training to another level.

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  1. jolene says:

    Always pack a gi when you travel and google if there is a club in the area

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