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normrobitza On August - 21 - 2015

thWhen you hear Karate Kid, your mind immediately goes to the 1980’s the Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel to wax his car.

Well this film is not about daily chores turning into karate techniques but about a group of young talented karateka preparing for the AAU Karate Championship.

A true story of four young karate competitors; Ashley West, Cole Miles, Ashley King and Giavanna Caputo; who prepare to fight against their toughest rivals in the biggest tournament of the year. This film is an open window into their private lives. From the confines of the karate dojo, to the wider outside world and beyond their comfort zone, the four struggle to balance the rigors of training with the demands of being a young person in America. This is a tale of dreams, aspirations, and the hope of taking home the title of the next karate kid champion.

This was a well done documentary. The competitors all had to overcome personal issues to be able to compete. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional each one has to over come something. It is interesting to see that in many cases, the competitor has other family members training. You get to know the characters well and wish for them to win.

The competition is a little different from what I am used to but it is interesting to see the different ways a tournament can be run. The competition is very tough and amazing to watch, especially the sparring matches. I was a little disappointed that entire katas were not shown.

If you are looking for a great karate competition documentary, this is one to look for. I believe that this movie will give aspiring competitors a glimpse at what it takes to become a competitor.

I also like the theme song, “Champion,” a rap song written especially for the film.

To order the film, visit Empty Hand.

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