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normrobitza On August - 31 - 2015

MV5BMTQyMzcwOTYxM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDY5MTU0OQ@@._V1_SY445_SX300_Recently, I found a trailer on YouTube for a documentary entitled, “Looking for Mr. Miyagi.” I watched the trailer and knew immediately, I had to see this film. I took a trip to the movie’s website ( and discovered that it could be rented for a low price but I wanted to own a copy of the film.  I then went to Amazon Canada but discovered it was not available through that website. Next I ventured to Amazon USA and there it was. I was stoked! I immediately began to place my order but was stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the checkout. Shipping to my location was going to cost more than the DVD and with the exchange rate, I was looking at a lofty price tag. So I went right to the source and contacted the producer and star of the film, David Liban.

David and I chatted for a while and I soon I had a copy in the mail. David is a very nice guy and I am glad that I decided to contact him. If you have the chance to talk to him, I am sure you will think the same thing.

Sooner than I expected, a package arrived from David and I was so excited that I tore into it. Much to my surprise, not only was the DVD in the envelope but there was also a “Looking for Mr. Miyagi” postcard and sticker. Some extra swag is always nice.

Now, I wanted to throw the DVD into my media player and watch it right away. However, I started watching the last documentary I ordered without my wife and she was not very happy. She is also a black belt and wanted to see the film. So I waited on the film and watched the extras instead. Immediately, my excitement was enhanced. I knew that David was part of my former organization, the International Shotokan Karate Federation, before I ordered the video but didn’t know that he interviewed ISKF Canada President David Jones. He also spoke with Shihan Teruyuki Okazaki, the founder of the ISKF. Also interviewed was Forrest Morgan, author of Living the Martial Way, which I consider one of the very best books written about the Martial Arts.

MiyagiMovie4The feature is the story of David’s journey to become a black belt before his 50th birthday. He started training when he was 46 and the film picks up when he is getting ready for his 3rd kyu or 1st degree Brown Belt test. The film continues to follow David and his family as he prepares to test for the “ultimate goal” of a black belt.

Each step of the way, he conducts interviews with several Karate instructors from different styles. He works with a University Health and Wellness department to achieve peak physical fitness and tries his hand at MMA. “He was only trying it! Honestly, Sensei Swain.”

By the end of the film, you will be cheering for David to achieve the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) but will he. Is there more to karate then just earning a black piece of cloth?

I highly recommend this film. It boils down to the true meaning of karate, to Seek Perfection of Character. Nothing else matters but bettering yourself!

OSU! David, thank you for sharing this journey and I wish you the best of luck in your training.

To view the film, you can visit the website, and stream it for $4.99 US or you can visit Amazon USA to stream a copy or purchase an actual DVD.


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  1. David Liban says:

    Greetings! If you are interested in purchasing a DVD please reach out to me. If you want to get it directly from me, its a little cheaper than on Amazon. Just contact me at and I’ll send you the instructions to do so. If you are more comfortable purchasing via Amazon, here’s that link.

    All the best,
    David Liban
    “Looking for Mr. Miyagi”

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