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normrobitza On June - 11 - 2016

meatballs_10Every year, the International Karate Daigaku holds a karate camp. The camp usually is held in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada at the picturesque Camp White Pine. The site is a boys and girls summer camp that is famous in its own right. In 1979, it was fictionally renamed, North Star, for the comedic film, Meatballs, starring Bill Murray. It was partially used for the subsequent Meatballs films as well. Former youth campers include author Margaret Atwood, artist Charles Pachter and the creator of the TV series House, David Shore.

143e9fc4a65ee9cb7cb985b7189b6ed6But for a weekend every June, it becomes the home of the International Karate Daigaku. Karate students and instructors from around the World descend on the camp to train with the Shihan of the World Karate University. IKD World Camp is a chance for the Shihan Kai to get together for their annual meeting. There are many instructor trainees in attendance looking forward to getting more credits on their journey to becoming IKD certified instructors. Then there are other ranks from Kyu levels through Dan levels, who are there to experience the great karate classes and train with the head instructors of the International Karate College. This camp experience allows everyone to socialise with old and new friends who are also passionate about karate do.

This year the focus of camp will be Oyo and Traditional Weapons. I didn’t know what Oyo was so I did a little research. From my understanding, Bunkai is the analysis of kata while Oyo is the application. I am very interesting to learn more about Oyo. I love bunkai and coming up with different ideas for the application of the techniques used in kata.

2016campTradition Weapons is also an interest of mine. I absolutely love swords. The katana is the most elegant weapon ever invented. I love the look and feel of a katana. Traditional karate weapons are more along the lines of sai, tonfa and bo staff, among others. I purchased a set of tonfa a few weeks ago and will be taking them to camp along with my bokken and 2 foot short staff.

This will be the first camp for my wife and I. If you entered our house at this moment you would see bags packed in the living room ready to go and we are not leaving for a few days yet. The reason why we are packed so early is that we both have fairly busy schedules and we wanted to make sure we had everything. We didn’t want to leave it until the last minute. But I really think it is because we are that excited to be heading to camp this year. I have been the webmaster for the IKD since the beginning. I was in the same role for many years as part of the JKA and ISKF Canada. I have never been able to attend camp in all of those years but have communicated with many of the students and instructors from around the World. Now, I will be able to finally meet some of them in person.

We will be pulling out of our hometown with a group of karateka from the Maritime IKD on Thursday. I hope to have some access to the internet and be able to present a daily post on the events of camp. So watch starting this coming Wednesday. I will post about our final preparation. Then on Thursday, I will recount the story of our first day of travel from Nova Scotia to Ontario. Friday, we arrive at camp and attend our first class of the weekend. Saturday will be a busy day with 3 classes, and other activities. Sunday will also have 3 classes and other activities. Monday will be the end of the camp experience with a farewell class, then we will begin our journey home. On Tuesday, we will arrive home and I will try to write a conclusion post. If I do not have access to the internet while at camp, I will write a review when I return home. So keep your eyes open and keep checking back to see what his happening on my adventure to Ontario.

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