Sep 2013 – Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony

Sep 2013 – Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony

Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony – September 2013

Name: Eliza Annette Kuriyapulli Anthony

Hometown: Mysore, India

Eliza always wanted to learn karate. She was draw the to control, focus and fluidity of the art.

“I hope to be able to learn to centre myself, push my limits and be the best I can be at Karate,” she said.

Eliza is a new student and still has her white belt. She has shown dedication to her training and is excited about learning new techniques.

“Eliza is the kind of student all instructors hope to have. She comes to class eager to learn. She tries her belt no matter how difficult the techniques are.”

Eliza is studying Psychology and English Lit. at Mount Allison.


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